Clearly See Media shares https - SSL, Google and You

Got a Website? Know someone who does?

There is a lot of misinformation out there about SSL and if you need it or not.

The short answer is: YOU DO.

Due to all the recent hacking around the globe, Google has decided that a Secure web is a better web. Security used to be for those collecting info. Credit Cards etc. Turns out, EVERY website collects info. Even the simple one page website.

Consider this, what website have you gone to that DIDN’T ask you for your email, or name and phone when filling in their contact form? They all ask. Even your website probably asks for some type of info. If it doesn’t, it probably should!

Every website should be secured. A secured site means you need an SSL Certificate. This used to be reserved for sites taking payments online, not anymore. EVERY site takes in info, and must be secured.

Starting on January 1, 2017, an SSL Certificate became Mandatory for EVERY website. It is no long just for sites and companies who take payments online. Google will penalize you and its going to hurt.

What does this mean for you?

Bad News:

Google will start shaming sites with a Non-Secured label in the next few weeks, discouraging people from entering info or even going to the site at all. The first shaming technique will be to put a big box over your site that says “PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK”. WHAT?

How many brave souls do you think will forge ahead? Not many. Where SEO is concerned, Google will be preferring SSL sites to NON SSL sites. (Your ranking on Google will be changed if you do not have SSL)

** Most companies are charging a monthly or yearly fee for SSL. The prices range from $20-$200/year. **

** For info on FREE SSL, contact me. To DIY and get your own SSL Cert, Click Here. **

Good News:

Secured Site advantages: No Google Shaming, Seamless Site Performance, Google Ranking points, ALSO, Secured Sites load almost 300% faster!

Solution: SECURE your site ASAP. Get an SSL Certificate.

Ask your web designer/developer about this latest mandate. If they say you don’t need it or, if they say it is only for people taking $$ online, It’s time to get a new expert on your side.