You probably know that you need to be online if you want customers to find you. Since most people search for places on their computer, phone, or another mobile device, having a website is in your best interest. However, in addition to a site, you also need to have the right information so that you stand out from all of the other pages that exist online.

Below are 5 things that anyone can implement and use.

1. Learn how & what people are searching for

If you’re like the vast majority of people in this world, when you need to find a business online, you probably type specific terms into the search bar. Consider what you are typing in. It usually consists of what you’re looking for and where it is located. Your customers are going to be no different.

2. Optimise pages for search engine (and people)

Once you have an idea of what terms are being used and how people are searching for your business, you can then optimize your pages for them.

This includes making sure that the keywords and phrases are added so that search bots can find you, but you also have to make sure your page will satisfy customers when they click on your link.

3. Make sure your site is found by search engines

Your SEO strategy needs to work for two different customers: the human ones and the search bots.

  • Your page needs to load quickly
  • Your page needs to be optimized for mobile
  • Your site should have an SSL certificate
  • Your site should be structured properly

4. Secure high-quality backlinks from other websites

Some of the best ways to do this are to share links on your social media sites but also asking other websites and blogs if they are willing to link to your information.

5. Track keyword & traffic

When determining how to use SEO to your advantage, it’s also a good idea to track your performance.

This will give you the opportunity to see what is working and what needs to be tweaked. Don’t assume that your changes are getting you ranked, find out for sure.

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