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The internet is filled with lots of great ideas that might help you in the design, layout and inspiration needed for your website/blog. The posts below are excerpts from those resources with links taking you directly to the original articles. We do not claim any original authorship to the material provided here and you can only find the complete text by clicking on the “Continue Reading” button following each summary.
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6 SEO Habits That Will Increase Website Traffic

6 SEO Habits That Will Increase Website Traffic

Everyone wants more website traffic, right? But are you doing all the little things that help boost search engine ranking with every new image upload or content update? Creating the right habits from the start will keep your website in tip-top...

Jan 16, 2018
How to Update your WordPress the Right Way

How to Update your WordPress the Right Way

With WordPress core, theme, possibly child theme and plugin files all needing to be updated, web developers – even experienced developers (particularly those with a number of client websites in their care) – can easily get overwhelmed. Updating a...

Dec 15, 2017
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

BY LISA-ROBYN KEOWN | DEC 6, 2017 Page load speed is the single most important aspect of a website. This may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. It’s all good and well having a beautiful website, but if its overall performance causes a negative...

Dec 8, 2017

How to Make a Super-Secure Password Using Dice

Computer passwords have the power to unlock vast troves of information, but some passwords are so simple that it’s easy for thieves to guess them. A common best practice is to steer clear of using familiar passwords (like "iloveyou") and to add...

Nov 29, 2017